Community Activities Definitions

Community/Systems Advocacy – Includes efforts to implement local and state policy changes to make facilities, services, and opportunities available and accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Technical Assistance – Assistance to the community on making services, programs, activities, resources, and facilities in society accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Community Education and Public Information – Activities and information programs to enhance the community’s awareness of disabilities and disability issues, e.g., presentations, social media, local TV, radio, or newspaper campaigns.
This type of services may include the creation and distribution of publications (such as accessibility guides, disability awareness brochures, Americans with Disabilities Act information) and databases/directories for personal assistants, recreation opportunities, accessible transportation, accessible housing, and other available services.

Outreach Efforts – Entails the location of, and encouragement to use IN services for unserved/underserved populations, including minority groups and urban and rural populations.

Collaboration/Networking – Activities related to building coalitions or collaborative partnerships designed to expand the participation of individuals with disabilities in services, programs, activities, resources and facilities.

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