Independent Living Goal Definitions

Communication – Goals involving either improvement in a consumer’s ability to understand communication by others (receptive skills), and/or improvement in a consumer’s ability to share communication with others (expressive skills).

Community-Based Living – Goals that create a change in their living situation that increases autonomy for the consumer, AND preventing at-risk individuals from entering an institution/nursing facility (diversion). This may involve a consumer’s goals related to obtaining/modifying an apartment or house. Community-based living arrangements may include apartments, privately owned housing, self-directed assisted living, or self-directed living with family/friends.

Community/Social Participation – Goals related to full participation in the mainstream of American society, including the ability to participate in community events such as community fairs and government functions, attend worship services and access recreational activities and facilities.

Educational – Academic or training goals that are expected to improve the consumer’s knowledge or ability to perform certain skills that would expand his/her independence, productivity or income-generating potential. 

Information Access/Technology – Goals related to a consumer obtaining and/or using information necessary for the consumer’s independence and community integration.  These may include use of a computer or other assistive technology, devices, or equipment, as well as developing information technology skills, such as using computer screen-reading software. 

Mobility/Transportation – Goals to improve a consumer’s access to her/his life space, environment, and community.  This may occur by improving the consumer’s ability to move, travel, transport himself/herself, or use public transportation.

Other: Use this category only when the goal doesn’t fit in any other goal area.

Personal Resource Management – Goals related to a consumer learning to establish and maintain a personal/family budget, managing a checkbook, and/or obtaining knowledge of available direct and indirect resources related to income, housing, food, medical, and/or other benefits. 

Relocation from a Nursing Home or Institution – Goals related to relocation from nursing homes or other institutions to community-based living arrangements.  This significant life area specifically pertains to consumers who live in a nursing home or institution, unlike the Community-Based Living life area, above, which includes any consumer regardless of his/her living situation prior to receiving IL services. 

Self-Advocacy/Self-Empowerment – Goals involving improvement in a consumer’s ability to represent himself/herself with public and/or private entities, the ability to make key decisions involving himself/herself, or the ability to organize and manage his/her own activities to achieve desired objectives.

 Self-Care – Goals to improve/maintain a consumer’s autonomy with respect to activities of daily living such as personal grooming and hygiene, meal preparation and nutrition, shopping, eating, and other aspects of personal health and safety

 Vocational – Goals related to obtaining, maintaining, or advancing in employment.

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